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My name is Jean Chung and I am a current junior, biology major, premed student at Bryn Mawr.  I have never taken a neurobiology or psych class ever, however, wish to become a neurosurgeon...So I am very, very excited about this class. 

I have many questions that relate biology along with human behavior and emotions.  These questions specifically relate to the effect that music has upon the human nervous system and the response that the human body gives when a certain sound is heard.  After gaining experience from neurosurgery, I wish to do research in music therapy and see how exactly sounds and human feelings can be regulated with different chemical levels in the human body.  Although many people can argue against the fact that all human feelings are based upon chemical levels, I am a strong believer with that thought.  I think that everything is very scientific and consistent to a trend.  But I have a feeling that by the end of this semester, I will have very different ideas about all of this. 

Like mentioned before, I only have knowledge based strictly through numerous human anatomy classes about neurobiology and behavior.  This class will be very eye-opening in the sense that I will be introduced to many other viewpoints of the wonder works in the human brain.  I look forward to all challenges and confusion that come by my way. 


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