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The Sixth Sense

 So today, 02/20/07, we talked a little bit about the sixth sense in our forum discussion.  According to this discussion, we (our bodies) are constantly receiving information that we are unaware of, and the sixth sense is us being able to tap into this information on a conscious level. My question is, how are we able to receive some bit of information and translate it into a thought/notion that has been thought of by the "gifted". What signal, frequency, etc. are we able to perceive consciously and able to turn into a thought about a future event or knowing one's favorite animal? And, how are we able to do this? I understand that the answers are not out there for why/how this phenomen occurs. Many may argue that the gifted/psychics can hear voices (angels or spirits of some sort, or even God himself) while others believe that psychics are able to talk to the dead. In this case, where do we draw the line between the gifted and those who are experiencing psychotic episodes? Hmm, I wonder.

Jayme E. Hopkins, '08


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