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I thought that this article

I thought that this article was really interesting, and really enjoyed the idea that being in a positive mental "place" while in love will have lasting effects on other parts of the body, not just the brain. However, like all studies that strongly rely on quantatative data, I think that the statistics in this article must be approached with a sense of caution. Whenever I read anything that involves statisitics that prove one thing and disprove another, I remember something I had learned in a previous class. It involved the study that stated that lower cholesterol is better for the heart, which is widely accepted and catered to in our society; however, what the study decided to leave out was that those who had lower cholesterol levels also had a higher suicide rate, because as cholesterol is lowered, so are the levels of hormones in the brain, such as serotonin. So while this article may state that people in positive, low stress relationships may have higher chances of being healthy, I wonder if that is the entire background information on the situation, or if there are things that were not included.


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