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Visual Learners

In class on Thursday we discussed the reafferent loop of the nervous system, where an input causes an output, then this new output triggers and a new input and so on. For example it is easier to walk forwards rather than backwards in part due to the fact that you can see where you are going. As you step, your brain visually registers what just happened and where your limbs are. You are able keep stepping and keep moving with ease thanks to visual confirmation and the reafferent loop. In class we discussed the reafferent loop with respect to the physical control of over our bodies, such as lifting a leg or moving an arm. I am interested in how the reafferent loop affects internal processes of the brain like learning. Can the reafferent loop explain why some people are visual learners? If a mathematical concept is sketched out in a diagram and then explained to me, I am much more likely to understand the problem then if the professor merely reads it out loud. The diagram offers a visual confirmation of what I am learning. Is this the same as watching your leg move or seeing the angle of your arm to confirm where it is in space?


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