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Brain Activity

I have taken a recent interest in brain scanners such as MRI scans, and fMRI scans. An fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a technique that enables researchers to create maps of the brain's networks in action as thoughts, sensations, memories, and motor commands are processed. This "brain mapping" is achieved by setting up an advanced MRI scanner in a special way so that the increased blood flow to the activated areas of the brain shows up on Functional MRI scans. With this type of technique we can map the areas of the brain that become active whenever we perform our self proclaimed "motor symphonies". However, because an fMRI requires a scanner and stillness, it would be the mental thought of moving. An fMRI can show activity in the mind when giving an inner monologue. In an experiment, a subject would be given a task, such as thinking of a room with an obstacle course. They would be asked to mentally move themselves through the course by thinking of how each movement would propell them forwards through the track. In this way, we could track whether certain actions they must perform requires a greater amount of activity in the brain or if it is something that has already been pre-programmed.


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