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Notes from our 2/25/14 conversation

on presenting Cosmo Canopy:
Robert Fairbanks’ research in prison
stopped talking in class as a soph: fear of being judged
mtg w/ Dean B and Mary Beth:
conflating discomfort and triggering
(goes against the Honor code: a lie—no, a secret)
mental health: microà macro analysis
(hell week seems so bad: because only space to freak out)
lot of agency/too much victim-blaming/too p.c.
scaring the freshman w/ hazing info/no one went to alternative hell week
when we were talking w/ the deans: that was community
yay! For politics of difference—but problematics of romanticizing the city
challenge to Rawls/ liberalism’s emphasis on justiceà predisposes a bounded self;
unreal, incoherent, better replaced as a product of identity it shares w/ others, understanding, mutually affirming one another (p. 305)
very privileged presumption of what the citizen is…
understanding a universal identity (ie. Vaughn and Kelly)

frustration w/ having to speak in another language
first arose in reaction to Rawls re: “bracketing the self’à
shapes our whole political/public sphere
Richard Rorty, “Religion as conversation Stopper”
essay on mourning: you are mourning part of yourself…
cf. Doris Sommers’ re: possibility of understanding
freshmen going from comos to ethos
EAnderson on “the nigger moment”—

reminded of your race from micro-aggressions
Beyonce’s album: very organic process/
transcribing these videos…
homework: playing w/ coded language/jargon/masking…
write a longer reflection on how all these things
contribute to our indep study for next semester


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