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Final Thoughts

I'm really sad to see this semester/class come to an end... it was one of the most enlightening science class experiences of my life and it has taught me to question everything and to never take anything by face value.

We always managed to bring up interesting discussion about the role of life, what life means and the whole "improbable assembly" concept in all of our class discussions and I really enjoyed that. Connecting the whole concept of what life is into each and every minute aspect of Biology is what set this class apart from all others that I had taken before.

My favorite part about this class was that you had the freedom to come up with questions and approach the class with any question without being afraid or intimidated about it. It was fully open to discussion and we always managed to make any topic interesting. :D I also enjoyed the labs and how well they were connected with one another. You always took away something from the class by applying it to your labs.

This class taught me to question everything and be constantly revising and revisiting old concepts. I had so much fun in the class. I'll be sad to be leaving it.

Thanks so much Prof. Grobstein and Prof. Franklin!


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