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Effects of Heart Murmur/Review of the class

This semester I actually got the chance to enjoy science. I got to further investigate so many things I always wanted to know about, such TB infection, heart murmurs, conflicts of interest in medicine etc. I got the chance to explore/approach science with questions without prior knowledge through our many lab experiments and class disscussion. The idea that science is a story and not Truth, was unsettling at first but now I understand why, cause it is forever changing. I initially wanted to know how dangerous it is to have a heart murmur. With the help of the website that professor suggested, I found out that slight heart murmurs are very common and does not show of having any real effects in the future. I think this class was wonderful and honestly would have paid attention more in science class in high school, if they were all taught through stories rather than definite definitions, which appears to be definite Truth.


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