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This last set of readings

This last set of readings was extremely well arranged to conclude the semester. The first reading was simply captivating with its great detailing of Bryn Mawr’s rich history. It made me both proud and excited to be a Mawrter and it also led me to view the pieces about the Bryn Mawr Summer School for Labor in accordance with my own affinity for the school.


You see, from my perspective, I always thought Bryn Mawr was the type of school that you only attend if you really want to be here because: a) it’s difficult; b) it’s a women’s college; c) it’s very…quirky; d) it’s expensive. That does indeed seem to be it’s legacy based on the first reading. And from the second reading I was able to confirm my belief about education that says that the best educational experience is one with people who genuinely wish to be experiencing it. This is why, when I hear that people are dissatisfied with BMC, I become a little upset because not only is their educational experience compromised, but so is mine. There are few things more discouraging to the learning process than a person who has no interest in being there, and thankfully I’ve run into a relatively small amount of those people. I feel almost as if our CSEM is a good example of an environment comparable to that of the eager female laborers in the Bryn Mawr Summer School. Although we are not quite in the same situation, I still feel that, for the most part, we are a group of young women who are really excited about learning and have immense potential to make a  difference in the world.  


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