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                People become more emotional at night than in the morning.  While reading my dearest people's posts, and remindnig myself of that this is the last post of CSEM (although I will continue to come back and post even after graduation as an alumnae), I cannot resist being emotional.  My roommate who started a trend of shedding tears is on her bed.  Sleeping Beauty, Bell, and Cinderella in the poster that she brought after Fall Break are smiling at us.  It's still amazing how we became dwellers in an extremely narrow, 80F degrees room on 4th fl of Merion.  So nervous of handing in the first CSEM paper on time, we woke each other up in the morning.  So amazing that I've met every one of you! 

                    Living in the oldest building, it was so interesting to read the history of Bryn Mawr from the foundation of each dormitory to summer school.  During open campus, I sat in Calculus class to experience the academic envionment at Bryn Mawr.  And I wondered if Park Science Building was built/donated by a Korean because most Koreans' last name is Park.  (I used to think Linkin Park was Korean too) But It's presumptuous to conclude it that way.  Back in the time, there was no Korean, not even one.  So, it didn't make sense, but that was one of my thought while reading this.

                    Bryn Mawr was my dad's first choice.  His co-worker's daughter went to Bryn Mawr, and during my senior year, she handed me "361 best colleges" by Princeton Review to my dad to study into varieties of American schools.  My dad circled the name of Bryn Mawr College in red sharpie marker.  When I sat down to write my college application, I was moved by the system of Bryn Mawr college application fee.  The college gave me an option to donate the application fee to any charities.  No other colleges offered such a practical, ethical, and beautiful way to receive the application fee. 

                    After submitting all my applications to about 10 colleges, I heard several interview requests.  Most interviews were held at Starbucks.  With all my interviews done, Bryn Mawr interview was the last one.  I would not have requested interview for Bryn Mawr if I had not seen the charity option of submitting a college application fee.  Unlike formal interviews of other colleges, I sincerely wanted to meet the alumnae in person and desperately wanted to know about the college.  Bryn Mawr's interview was located in some building in Manhattan.  Very impressive!! I was hillariously happy that it was not Starbucks any longer.  The formal location of interview, and very polite receptionist smiling at me were very impressive.  Bryn Mawr's special from the beginning.

                 My interviewer, who is now a graduate in NYU, majored in mathematics and psychology at Bryn Mawr.  I told her the dwarf story when she asked me why I wanted to study pre-med and become a doctor.  I was nerve-breaking and could not think of an English word, dwarf, while telling a 'dwarf story.'  But she understood me.  So many episodes during that interview.  Thank her, I made it and sitting in CSEM class telling people the dwarf story.  (still nervous to think of words, most of words are the results of slips of the tongue, though. haha)

                I love Bryn Mawr (to shorten my elaborate sentimental history)  It's a perfect place for me to truly be myself.  I love you all. 



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