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The Ghost of BMC and Childhood Dream

I found the readings fascinating…I loved learning about the different architecture, from Thomas Hall to Taylor Hall. When I applied to the McBride program and was contemplating what to write for one of my essays (on why I wanted to come to BMC), I began with how the architectural design called to me even when I was an eight year old girl delivering flowers to students on campus. As a child, I imagined myself as a student walking the halls and the aroma of old books shelved in the library filling my olfactory senses. I dreamt of the bell tower, fairies, and young women dancing in the snow. When I grew up (or shall I say, “aged in years”) I came to realize that the dream of attending BMC would stay a child’s fantasy, at least for awhile…

The ghosts or spirits of BMC became a part of my soul as I walked the campus as a youngster and here I am at thirty-six years old, following in the footsteps of many intelligent, powerful, beautiful women from around the globe. Dreams really do come true. It is amazing the impact that we, as women, can have on the world. I wonder if Thomas’ ever imagined that 100 years later there would be a program such as the McBride Scholars Program or other ones such as these at BMC? I am proud to say I am a McBride Scholars student and part of a community of women who strive to include ALL women. I want to thank all of you for walking the CSEM part of my journey with me. It has been quite a stimulating, at times difficult ride, and I would not trade it for the world. Every single one of you are unique and have amazing adventures ahead of you…thank you for all of your stories…until we meet again, much love and big hugs! Meredith


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