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Once again the reading

Once again the reading became very personal for me. When I was in high school my life was a disaster, I actually failed 3 classes and was not even planning on taking them again until my best friend insisted so that I could go to College with her and take some of the art classes she was so in love with. In order to graduate from high school I had to go to a night school where not only was I the youngest but they used to look at me funny because I had attended a private school. Later, while in College I had to take a year and a half off and was quite discouraged from going back to school. Eventually I did, and for some reason a couple of my professors took an interest on me and harassed me until I applied to transfer to a 4 year college. Because I didn't have to take the SAT back in texas I was forced to withdraw most of my applications, I was actually already enrolled in another College in WA, they contacted me to tell me that I was admitted to the McBride program at Bryn Mawr (at first the joke was that I was going to lesbian heaven). 
I saw so much of my own story in the last couple of stories about the women worker's program. I've also been given "a second chance to get it right this time," I used to work up to 12 hours at a restaurant, just like some of the girls of the story, if I didn't work I wouldn't eat, I knew I could call my father and ask for money, but I'm not only too proud for that, and there was a good deal of self-satisfaction involved. The same satisfaction I feel at been here, on my own, and experiencing what I always dream for. 



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