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I think it's interesting to

I think it's interesting to see the beginning of this school. I think a lot of people like to think of their schools as having a good, honest beginning. And, most schools just don't have that.

At Bryn Mawr we like to play up the fact that Katherine Hepburn came here. From the sources that I have read, Hepburn really didn't like Bryn Mawr. It seems that it was similar to the way that it started out: a school for rich girls.

That really stuck out to me when reading about our school that even though we had a lesbian, super liberal, female president, money was such an important aspect to the school. And apparently she spent it lavishly.

I feel like I can still see a little bit of the rich beginnings that started this school. Certainly, it is not in to the degree that it was, but I have noticed that most of the women that come here have grown up in an upper-middle class environment (me included) and many have gone to private school.

It's just interesting to see the differences and similarities from our school's beginning to the present.


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