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When I was applying to colleges, Bryn Mawr was honestly not on my list.  I had all co-ed schools on my list, but then my mom suggested that I add the school and she said that I didnn't even have to have it in my top 5, just have it as something in the back of your mind.  She suggested BMC becasuse she went to Colorado Women's College.  So I applied to all 12 of my schools including Bryn Mawr and when I started recieving relpies from the schools that I had been accepted I had to start narrowing them down.  As I narrowed them all down, I realized that Bryn Mawr was one of the top schools on my list.  I visited Emory, Vanderbilt and Bates (which was way to cold to even consider farther), but I began to like Bryn Mawr more and more as I read about it and when I visited.  I loved Emory and Vanderbilt, but they were too city for me.  Bryn Mawr turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, except for the all women part.  When I visited the first time, I wasn't feeling the atmosphere, but when I came back a second time, the campus, the people, the atmosphere, everything seemed to fit.  The all women's thing didn't effect my decision anymore. 

So over the summer I felt as if I had made the correct decision, but all my friends thought I was crazy because the majority of my friends back home are guys and I really don't like the cadiness of girls.  I didn't listen to them, but once I got here, I understood why they said those things.  My first weeks here were very difficult to get used to. It wasn't my room mates, it was the rest of the school.  If I were walking along the sidewalk with another friend and 2 people were coming towards us, they wouldn't move and they thought it was our responsibility to move.  I have never been in that type of society where people think they are above others.  People also look at you with a glare based on the way you dress.  I have just never been in such a judgemental society before and it caught me off guard.  One thing that I do find disableing about this culture is the all women's part.  I know that we have a tri-co system, boys do roam our campus, but how many times are you going to just stop one and bring up a conversation, not often.  I think that the all women's culture will hurt our ability to have conversations or even branch out to the opposite sex. 


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