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i'm very grateful

...that you dug out these various articles, Carolyn--I found them very useful both in my own preparation and in discussing Heidi's work with my class on Critical Feminist Studies. What struck me most in this one was its opening claim, about the "wasted societal investment" of highly educated women stepping out of the labor market--such a valorization of productivity! (There are other values!...though when I suggested this to Heidi, she seemed puzzled by the world I live in....)

My favorite line of all time is list of alternate (and increasingly critical)
labels she gives to category of "husband career spillover":
"husband exemption, husband inflexibility, husband power, male power, patriarchy" (!).

But, actually?--most interesting to me here is Heidi's focus on/attempt to intervene in the
"increased cultural support for ever rising standards of ever more intensive parenting,"
by campaigning against the double standard in parenting, supporting sharing caring labor.
We talked about this over dinner after her talk, and I'd like to talk with you about it some more...
it is a very resonant idea for me....


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