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So, Jessy, i like you I think we could be friends. All of these talks about relationships, why do women need traditional monogynous relationships to be fulfilled, there is far too much emphasis on this sort of narrative. This doesn’t help the single mothers or alternate family dynamics who aren’t benefiting on a economic and societal level from not being with one partner, yet alone, one male partner.

Also, I just want to make a point of saying that I think the gay male figure is extremely privileged in society at least nowadays, (just clarifying, NOT in the late 80’s and early 90’s). Also, definitely not in bible belt, America. However, in popular culture, we are showered by images of the flamboyant gay man in all of his fabulousness. There is an entire culture of gay men who are redo-ing the hopeless straightman’s wardrobe and singing “it’s raining men”, cosmo in hand in tight jeans a funkyfresh hairdo and pink polo which we see all the time! Meanwhile, the lesbians have one television show, on Shotime, which you have to pay extra for, and we have one and half mainstream comedians, oh and of course Dick Cheney’s daughter...but lets not get into that one. If a straight woman is friends with a gay man she is a “fag hag”...and furthermore, just the fact that straight people are even saying the word “fag” even if it is in conjunction with “hag” is completely gross to me. Anyway, “all of the good ones are gay”...this just gives the male figure more fuel for the fire. But yes, it is true, men get fucked over by the patriarchy too. And we can see that with Peter’s role in Heidi. 


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