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Paula Vogel is the woman

I just have to say how happy I am that we are reading Paula Vogel's work.  If you enjoyed How I Learned To Drive I reccomend checking out The Baltimore Waltz and Five Other Plays.  It includes my personal favorite: And Baby Makes Seven, as well as Hot n' Throbbing, The Oldest Profession and other great ones...

 Anyway, perhaps it's too late to squeeze into the lesson plan for today, but I'll try. 

 I can't shake the last image of the play.  The idea that Peck will always be in Li'l Bit's backseat, always in the back of her mind.  He is the one who initiated her into so many aspects of "adult life," long before she was ready, and he will always be imprinted on her.  When Li'l Bit asks "who did it to you?" is the moment when she matures, when she actually does become an adult, I think.  Realizing that people are not necessarily born evil, or warped, rather that they are taught, conditioned. 


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