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Frankenstein and society

I had already read Frankenstein in High School for pleasure, and came into rereading the story with a prediposition to feel certain ways towards the plot and the characters. Although I did end up feeling the same way towards the characters like feeling empathy for the monster and anger with Frankenstein, I felt the reasoning was a bit different in this case. No longer was I just imagining how the character felt, but really truly reflected on the culture and societies school of thought around them.

Now, I have a perspective of ascertaining the real perspective between the monsters own struggles in finding a place in society with the search to find the inert struggles of society. Maybe not accepting everyone is a pinnacle point in the creation of a society, and although it is painful to some, it is inevitable. But that brings the whole issue up of whether or not society can ever be utopian, because would it still count as a society?


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