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can it be two?

I read Frankenstein in highschool and we only mainly talked about specific important quotes and the details behind the story.  We never discussed what type of story it really is.  I am wondering if this story could be a mixture of a scientific tale and a memoir.  The scientific part comes from Frankenstein in his lab to his final creation of the monster.  The memoir part comes from both Frankenstein and the monster.  Frankenstein pours his whole life story to Watson when upon his ship and the monster does the same to Watson when he finds Frankenstein dead in bed.  I found it moving and was strangly captivated by the monsters speach at the end to Watson.  I knew that the speach was coming so it kind of ruined it, but this time my eyes were glued to the page, reading every word with deep thought as if i had never read it before.  I was so captivated by the monsters speach that I forgot at some points that it was the monster even speaking.  I tried to hold back my feelings or sorrowness for the monster because of what he had done, but part of me did feel sad for him and the fact that he was created without a partner to love.


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