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Shanika, Lakesha, Sharhea

Today, we did an investigation on plants. Below you will find our analysis:

Height (inches) Petiole Trichomes
Low Light, Standard, High Fertilizer 4 1
Low Light, Standard, Low Light 3.25 11
Low Light, Petite, High Fertilizer 3.87 n/a
Low Light, Petite, Low Fertilizer 2.5 n/a
High Light, Standard, High Fertilizer 4.125 26
High Light, Standard, Low Fertilizer 2.125 4
High Light, Petite, High Fertilizer 4.375 n/a
High Light, Petite, Low Fertilizer 1.625 n/a


From our observations, we could see that the environment does affect the plant. The plants placed in the High Light, High Fertilizer, whether standard or petite, grew a lot taller than the other plants. The high fertilizer also made a difference in height for the plants in the low light. The difference in genes was apparent in the petiolar trichomes because the petites did not have any hairs and the standards had a range of amount of hair growth. We think that plants are affected by both the environment and genes, not just one factor affects how the plant grows and how fast. 


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