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FREE - Beta!

You might have read the blended learning post on FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence from February. The old version of FREE provided searchable access to materials developed by federal agencies that might have classroom applications. As in the original version, the updated site is searchable by educational standard, subject matter, and grade-appropriate level. The new beta version of FREE includes more educational materials than ever before, including material from private and publican organizations in addition to those created by federal agencies (though it includes an option to limit your search to the federal resources). Powered by learning registery, an open-source aggregator of metadata designed to make finding, linking, and assessing online learning resources easier and more efficient. One of the benefits FREE seems to have reaped from learning registry is its new mobile-friendly design and improved social media integration.

The new site is still a work in progress, and there are clearly some aspects of the interface and design which are not yet optimal. Fortunately, while the beta version is being tested and improved, the old FREE is still accessible.

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