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Yesterday I got to meet with crucial supporters of Titagya Schools in New York.  During a wide-ranging and vital conversation, one of them asked me what draws our undergraduates to participate in the BiCo Dalun Community Fellowships.  Hearing this question was helpful to me as it encouraged me to integrate and articulate what I could by way of answer -- in more general terms than those that guide my readings, say, of individual applications when they come in February.  Some of this summer's 5 fellows are already students of Africana Studies, development studies, international studies, and education -- focal areas of the fellowships.  They are also a chemistry major, a religion major, and more.  Some of them see similar work in their futures, or are interested in exploring this possibility; and one has already had experiences of this kind.  But beyond the specifics focal areas/topics/fields, I see them all as wishing for this deep engagement because it is part of how they want to live -- now and in time to come.  They all share a drive to connect across and to grapple with distances, to re-see identities in relation to new relationships, and to come closer, as individuals and as a team, to questions about race, gender, power, nation, and what these have to do with education, livehlihood, and community.  The Community Fellowship is trying to meet these interests and to scaffold them wisely and well.  Guidance welcome always!


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