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This evening when Brandon and i had our check-in call (about 90 minutes), he told me that the group had just finished a reflection.  He said that the reflection times allow group members to learn from different perspectives on experiences they share, and thus pool their knowledge.  It is so wonderful how they are using reflection as a tool for perception, analysis, planning, and cooperation.  Among other things, they have been exploring issues around race and gender that have arisen as they interact with people in the community and working together on ways to respond/support one another in responding to them.  Reflection can be a tool not only for deepening and articulating understanding but also for coordinating action, and strengthening a cohort that takes action.  This loop is powerful.

Another wonderful occurrence is that yesterday the two teams -- Titagya Fellows and Simli Centre and Radio Fellows -- shared their written drafts for special projects with me and invited me to share them with other stakeholders for comments.  Their ideas, to be carried out in collaboration with community members and leaders -- for a Family Day, computer literacy classes by and for women, a workshop and radio program on growing business acumen in local organizations, and working on business proposals -- are exciting, and express both their commitments and what they have learned so far of local commitments.  Now we are in a phase of consultation, feedback and revision.

This morning the Fellows went with Sumaila to tour Kings' Medical Clinic and their malnutrition unit.  They learned how health care is provisioned for people in this region and also got to see where they would go if they needed medical attention.

I got to make this tour last December and give personal thanks to the staff that helped two of our group last summer.


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