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orientation schedule

BiCo Dalun Community Fellows Orientation Schedule

June, 2014

Wed., June 4 -- Arrival in evening, settle into Simli Centre

Thurs., June 5


Settle into rooms/unpack, become familiar with immediate environment, meet Mariam :)

10 am Dagbani lesson

Noon: Lunch

4 pm Meet Chief/Tour of Village


7:30 pm Reflection meeting #1

Hang out -- cards, music, rest

Friday, June 6


9:30-Noon: Meeting with Dalun Leadership Team: introductions, ice-breakers, community building activities, sharing expectations and project ideas

12:30 lunch -- leadership team planning (health and safety, finances)

Afternoon: Meet Simli Radio staff and volunteers, Meet Madam Azara, cooking staff, Rahi, Lio, Rahaman --  the Simli Staff -- introductions, name game, hopes and questions for the summer

Visit the Dalun Health Clinic and a local farm, Shea processing station, seamstress, learn about how they operate

Football game?


Cultural Group: Dancing and drumming

Saturday, June 7


Outing: King's Clinic and then Tamale Market, dinner out

Sunday, June 9


10 am Dagbani lesson


Walk to river from Simli Center, past Baobab tree (nice spot for walks. jogs)

Perspectives of Ghana: Alhassan (young teacher) comes to share about Ghanaian education and teacher education system, joins with others from the leadership team who want to share about facets of life in Ghana?


Reflection Meeting 

Sweet dreams!

Monday, June 10

Start fellowships!

Orientation Activities this week, in the afternoons, in addition to regular thrice weekly Dagbani lessons:

All fellows get to meet the Titagya teachers

Tour Water Treatment Plant (with Raymond?)

Meet Titagya local board

Dalun Market

Follow-up meeting with Dalun Leadership team about fellowship goals, deliverables, timelines.


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