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my eyes.....

As I began to write in the forum, I scrolled up to see what other people had written and after writing a few short sentences I realized that I had basically written the exact same thing as carterian about Nunez, the eyes and the US.   thought that Nunez''s story was fascinating and intruiging and the most interesting part to me was about the eyes.  Nunez made fun of the culture for being blind, but the blind culture he had intruded wanted to take out his eyes because they saw it as wrong for his face, that eyes shouldn't be there.  This reminded me of the US and especially now with Bush and the war in Iraq and past events and how we like to go to other countries and tell them what is right and what is wrong. On a side note I found this quote about culture interesting "Culture is not so much a product of sharing as a product of people hammering each other into shape with the well structured tools already available.  We need to think of culture as this very process of hammering a world."



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