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The Greater Good?

This reading was interesting, however I feel like it reaffirms a major societal gap that needs to be acted upon rather than analyzed further. Individuality has always been sacrificed for the good of the community at large, if one person stands out it disables smooth progress within the group. If someone today has a physical or mental disability, strong opposing opinions or something as small as a different hair style then the greater community finds a way to either change them or to separate them from the community so they are not obstacles of progress. The question we face is whether the disability lies with the individual or with the group. Are we doing a disservice to the child who has special needs by educating him to keep up with the standards of his classmates? Or are we in fact doing society a disservice by quelling original and abstract ideas, hiding those with "disabilities" from plain view and lowering defiant voices to join the group's muffled tones? I believe that culture disables itself, and although we may survive if we move as a group we are not in fact living.  


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