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I think that once a culture

I think that once a culture is established it automatically excludes some people. This is usually not an intentional goal but an inevitable one. To feel included in something is to exclude others. In this sense a culture is disabling because it creates boundaries in which people are either included or excluded. This division, when taken seriously, can lead to closemindedness and one way of thinking becasue other people's ideas are not taken into account if they fall outside the boundaries of one culture. 
I think that culture should fall more on a spectrum than the way people typicaly think about it. It should not be one or the other but a blend to different ideas and acceptances. In this way culture could be more inclusive and people would be more willing to see things in a different light. The problem is this would create weaker bonds of culture, less close-knit communities and would maybe make people feel like just another person. People like to feel included and to feel like they belong to something. If everyone in the world belonged would everyone feel included and special? I don't think so. I think culture is an important human trait developed to fufill this desire to feel like a part of something, even if it means that others feel like they don't belong.


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