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Something there is that does not love a wall

I think an interesting way of looking @ things is that people are always trying to connect with others. As a result, people look for common ground on which to connect. As a(n inevitable???) conclusion, others who do not share that common ground are exculded. In our search for finding a place where we belong and others with whom we identify, we (naturally???) create an ingroup and an outgroup. Isn't this ironic? Now, ideally, I think it would be a nice thing to create a systemwhere this situation is not an inevitability. My first instict is to say that this is not possible, but that is rather narrow-minded thinking. My next thought is that you might create this kind of situation, but it would not necesarily be a "culture"- it would fundamentally change it. I suppose it depends on what your goal is as to whether or not this is a good idea. If you have a task as your goal, the ingroup- outgroup scenario (where those who can accomplish the task are "in" and those who cannot are "out") may not be avoidable.


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