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Major and Minor

I’ve never thought of culture as a set of tasks before. I suppose that is what is appealing to me about this definition is that culture becomes an active process instead of a stagnant one. As much as the idea of disabling people disturbs me, I’m not sure what can be done about it. We could shift to culture to encompass more people…but it would only lead to casting out new ones. I’m not sure that I’ve mused enough on this topic to have a simple solution.

Either way, it has made me look at my education differently. In some ways, it seems I dream of getting good enough grades, to go to a good enough college most of my life. I remember deciding in fifth grade, a major and a minor. (both have since been discarded). Yet, did I really understand then what college was, what good grades meant? If disabling/enabling culture could be partially credited for my experience, how young must academic culture stretch?

As to my culture, I wrote about New English Bingo. I’m have trouble finding the disabling feature. There are cards designed for the blind, there’s a board of the numbers in the front, so being deaf isn’t a big deal. The only one I could think of was if you were just exceedingly unlucky. Everyone in the Bingo community would have a small ritual or tradition you could perform to fix you, but when it comes down to it, it’s just luck anyway.


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