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Straight girls are people too

I completely agree with lvasko.  In class we've mentioned the feminists who believe women are done in by their willingness to buy into traditional representations of male-dominant heterosexual love.  I've been reading The Second Sex for my final project and listening to Simone de Beavoir rant for hundreds of pages about authors like D.H. Lawrence who manipulate the myths of woman and heterosexual love in literature, perpetuating the unbalanced power dynamic.  Certainly, lesbianism is one way to escape the subjugating bonds that have bound heterosexual love in the past, but as it is the heterosexual relationship that has been projected with the most misleading fiction in the past, I feel it is now in desperate need of new representations and interpretations.  Based on our course syllabus, there aren't any.  So, lvasko, although I thought it was, apparently your statement is not old news.


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