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Questions: "Biological


"Biological sex is a spectrum"  I would be curious to hear more about what you mean by this, and how you feel it is compatible with the roomy or otherwise categories of masculine and feminine, even if they are only eye-color genre categories.  Why are you attracted to the abolition of categories rather than expanding the room to move around within categories, and the freedom to jump from one category to the other if you are so inclined?  Why your insistence on the primacy of our own use of gender markers?  What are we indicating with these markers if there is no masculine or feminine to indicate towards.  In your utopia, would a traditional marker like, say, a dress be read as feminine, or would it be meaningless piece of fabric?  Does self expression mean anything in this world if there is no discernible relationship/conversation between the self and the society in which one exists. I think it is more than a little naive to imagine ourselves as independent individuals that sculpt ourselves with a steady hand out of nothing, our ideas about who we are and who we want to be springing from some perennially fecund primordial void that we carry within us?  What about those of us who hope to spend our lives preoccupied with something other than this wearisome identity-making process.  Active identity building is a very important, certainly interesting project, but we cannot be one hundred percent original all of the time.  When do you stop, and say, "This is what I am, now let me do something with it?"


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