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I surprisingly liked Stein

I surprisingly liked Stein more than I liked Hacker. Okay, I'll explain, I promise! Although I couldn't exactly tell you what the entire point of Lifting Belly was, I almost enjoyed the sort of non-structure craziness of it for some reason. It made me think of the inner dialogs that we all have...the arguments thats we all have with ourselves and perhaps what our mothers or cultures may think. When reading it, I didn't once think that she was talking to someone else, really. I had totally forgot about Tolkas being in the picture to be perfectly honest. But yes, I was quite frustrated at some points when it just got to be so nonsensical...

As for Hacker, the poem that smigliori's shared with us was...ok, yeah, it was quite sexual, but I felt that it was too obvious. "First, I want to make you come in my hand while I watch you and kiss you" was so explicit to me that it wasn't as entertaining. As someone said in class, the words and phrases were 'flat'. Hmmm.

Anyways, in response to smigliori's ideas for today's class about gender categories...I just am so confused. I am not sure if I am completely comfortable with the idea that, "there are no biological differences which result in a difference between the way "men" and "women" think, act, or feel; any such differences are completely an effect of socialization. I find an insistence of these differences to be profoundly anti-feminist because it buys into the notions that “women” are inherently less logical, less capable of reasoning than “men”." Yes, I do feel like a lot of the differences between men and women are results of socialization, however, I think that it's impossible to exactly prove that women and men either are different or aren't different unless we look at not just the BIOLOGICAL differences, but the psychological and chemical and physiological differences as well.


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