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In response to the two

In response to the two questions posed in the prompt, I believe that we can step back far enough from culture in order to explain it and tell stories about it. The first reading was written by a member of the culture that was being written about and did an excellent job of conveying the important aspects of the culture. I think that sometimes we don't realize the distinct characteristics of the cultures that we are a part of but once we begin to think about them ideas come pretty quickly. I also think that this is highlighted when put in comparison with other culutres. For example, the story about Bali is very interesting to us because our culture is very different from the culture of Bali. It talks a completely new way of living and interacting with one another. Most people in America don't completely ignore outsiders until and then accept them after a certain amount of time, but in Bali it is normal. The things we may find strange in Bali's culture point out what we find normal in our own culture. I have found  this same occurance in coming to college. Here there are so many people from very different backgrounds and hearing their stories have pointed out certain characteristics of my own culture from home. I have come to realize what makes up the culture that I come from which before I just took for granted. Maybe I will write about this in my next paper? 


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