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Evolution through Creationalism

The picture of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field and the conversation that followed was mind blowing.  I cannot imagine the amount of time that we were looking at in that picture and the amount of time that evolution is framed in.  I do believe in evolution and I do believe that scientists are getting it “less wrong” with the story of evolution.  However, we do not know what caused evolution to start, or rather what caused the beginning of the big bang.  I still feel that there is (or was) some outside creator that caused the whole thing to start.  I am not sure if I believe the creator started the big bang and then left, evolution being what followed this, or whether everything including evolution was planned.  Okay so my point is that I do not think science will ever be able to disprove that there was a creator that started the whole process.  We just cannot disprove this.  Maybe it seems kind of simple, the logic, but if the creator did not want us to know, then really we would not know.  Many may think that simply believing in this creator, when we have gotten pretty close to figuring evolution and everything out is silly.  This irrational thought is simple, and one is just looking for meaning; however a more religion person may say it is faith.


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