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I-function for real?

I'm confused about the I-function.  Through meditation I have come to the conclusion that there is no "I" or a self, but only the mind and body working together (as I've posted earlier.)  But, I cannot deny that many twins (fraternal or identical) have a synergy in thoughts and feelings.  Especially when twins in different locales suffer the same injuries or sense the other twin is in danger.  How are two separate nervous systems and neuromatrixes somehow in sync?  This also goes for mothers' intuition and when people are able to sense a bad feeling that something has happened to a loved one, but can't explain it.  How do neuronal pathways make these connections?  Where do these inputs come from?  Scientists aren't likely to credit "psychic" abilities, but what is it in our brains that allow us to sense what is occurring in other people?  

This causes me to believe there is more to our brains than physiological pathways and connections.  What that may be, I'm not sure...  At the very least, I do not attribute it to a divine or spiritual power, but I do think it is within us to be extremely aware and access these abilities with the proper training.  Which leads me to believe that if there is such an I-function, than we can change or improve upon it.     


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