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I think it's interesting

I think it's interesting just how little of reality we're sensitive to. We're only sensitive to that much for which we have receptors for.. we know that it's not very much, because of other organisms that have receptors we don't, and can acknowledge things we cannot. This made me wonder about the people we term mentally instable... could people with schizophrenia, or any of the other disorders, really just have more receptors- could they hear things that maybe are there, things that maybe we just don't have receptors to? Some people say they can see into the future. Some people are more perceptive that others, and think they can see, to one degree or another, into the mind's of others. Could this be due to different receptors?

We're looking to find out what's out there in space... what exists beyond that which we can see, which we can explore.. as we physically build the machinery to take us up and beyond.. it's interesting to think about how much we have here, that's undiscovered.. how much reality we can't even remotely begin to tap into, because we're not sure which direction we need to go in that.. we have so much here, in front of us, that we know so little about.. but yet we're looking for what we physically can see- what our senses can pick up. Maybe, when we look up into the sky, everything is there, clear, and communicating.. but we just can't see it, or pick any of it up. Maybe other organisms know exactly what's in space, just from looking, or feeling, or sensing.. maybe we're much, much less advanced, in comparison to other organisms, than we think are..


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