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I didn't hate Kindred, but I

I didn't hate Kindred, but I definitely wasn't a huge fan. I'll give it cheesy as the premise was, while I was reading I bought the gimmick...suspension of disbelief and whatnot. I think it brings up interesting issues, but doesn't explore any one of them in any meaningful way. In terms of reading this as a feminist novel, I think there is merit in finding parallells between the oppression of enslaved Africans and the oppression of women. The break down is clear; at the top white males (Rufus, Kevin), then white women (Rufus' mother), then black men and then black women (Alice, Dana). When we talked about disabilities we talked about how many ways on others themselves...almost like a strike system. White men have no othering characterisitics, white women have a strike against them for being female, black men for being black and it is black women like Dana, our storyteller who has both working against her.


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