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I'm gonna have to say that

I'm gonna have to say that I agree with alot of people when it came being frustrated with the writing. I felt it from the begining, when Dana goes on her first trip and she has her "omg what just happened to me moment". The script is overdone, I've seen it a billion times before and it gets boring.


However, besides the "been there, done that" feeling I got from it, I think Kindred brought up some interesting issues, specifically the one I brought up in class as bel hooks. It was jarring, and sort of frightening, to see the accusation that race relations haven't changed since the slave era. Because of couse they did (I probably woulnd' t be here if they didn't) but is my 21sth century mind making me greatful for rights I don't really have?

Also, talking about scary, I'm also in the you can't blame Dana for self-preservation instincts camp. It's like a horror move (how far would you go to stay alive) but for here it wasnt' just staying alive but it was preserving your existence. If she didn't save Rufus, she wouldn't even have been a blip on the universe's radar. That's a terrifying thought.


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