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The story about Greg was

The story about Greg was very sad and the part when his parents came to visit him was really touching and almost made me tear up. Greg had been lost and trapped in this body that he couldnt escape from. Not only did he go from lively and outgoing, to rebel, to spiritualist, he then became a hopeless human being. He was diagnossed with a brain tumor and his life was terminal. I found it very interesting that Greg was stuck in the 60's and this actually reminded me of the movie "Momento", when Guy Pierce is stuck in the past and is unable to create new memories. After watching this movie, it kind of gave me a sense of what Greg's life might be like, how difficult it must be to not be able to make new memories and be stuck in a time so long ago. I couldnt help but feel extreme remorse for Greg when his father died, because when he was told of it, then a few seconds later he had forgotten all about it. It was extremely interesting though that when people asked him if he wanted to go home for Thanksgiving, that he no longer wanted to and that it must mean that he did feel remorse some where in his brain and a feeling of not wanting to go home becasue it would be different; no father. I didn't find "A Surgeon's Life" as interesting as Greg's story, but maybe becasue I know a doctor who has this disease and it doesnt seem as shocking to me. It was still an interesting story, and Oliver Saks did an amazing job of telling the story, I just wasn't very moved by it.


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