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"Not consuming without thinking"

"Stories literally create their own reality," as Allison says--and we are collecting quite a range of powerful stories here: Olivia's account, above, about  "exceptions not being the rule"; and don't miss another, about being an alien, in Rachel's blog.

We are also collecting a range of ways to go about revising such stories: through gathering new experiences, and drawing on them for re-thinking the tales we have told and been told.

I'm serving on a search committee for a new colleague in film studies this fall, and, as preparation, have been reading a (new-to-me) text about The Film Experience. Last night I read about "distantiation...identified with the plays and critical writings of 1920s German playwright Bertolt Brecht, who advocated showing the parts that were put together to form the completed work so that it could not be consumed without thinking."

Hm...not consuming without thinking....
a big part of what we're up to here together, yes?


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