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       I was

       I was intentionally avoiding the exposure to the field of psychology because I thought the study of psychology would make oneself unnecessarily self-conscious and detached, and because I always wanted to focus more on natural sciences.  However, these readings were eye-opening for me.  Not that I totally changed my view and am willing to delve into the field of psychology, but these readings somehow were eye-opening for me. Simply put, the readings were interesting!! I appreciated the conscientious effort of the observer in the readings.   I made the wisest choice during last summer when picking the CSEM choice.

       I found the second reading as an optimistic version of the first reading.  Those two are related to each other in that sense.  While reading Greg's story, I kept on checking if I am like Greg.  It's like medical interns and residents often think they have the same symptoms with thsoe of their patients.  I was like comparing all my unconscious/habituous traits with thsoe of Greg, and constantly justified myself that I am still ok.  Indeed, I don't have a tumor.  But it was really scary when there was something that I have in common with Greg such as being oversensitive etc.  However, when it comes to the second reading, a story of the surgeon, I was totally relieved.  He was awesome, professional, and saint who had overcome all his difficulties.  It's very fascinating that his tics stopped when he was to perform a surgery.  Very ironical moment, but the most beautiful moment of human that can ever have.  I valued the surgeon's optimism, humor, and his family's attitude toward him.  (like Helen) 

       Focusing on 'difficult' people's life stories, and their efforts of overcoming it (I'm talking about the surgeon), I was able to have a more accepting , unbiased view of people from every walk of life.  The second reading really encouraged me to be confident and optimistic whoever I am, or however I am appeared to be to others because in the end, those things really don't matter as long as I can be the best in my 'beautiful moment.'


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