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Oh Greg...

This reading was a very sad one indeed but none-the-less, still very interesting.  Two parts that intrigued me the most were; his blindness to his blindness and; how positively he responded when questioned about music.

Greg didn't even realize he was blind, he believed his eyes were simply poor.  His unconscious is really his dominating mindset, and we can easily see this when he watches TV.  He imagines pictures of what is happening and doesn't even realize he's not looking at the TV.  This sounds a lot like what we talked about last week with optical illusions and how our mind makes up things that we see!

 I don't know enough from my year of AP psychology to really asses Greg's love of music, and why he responded so well when asked about music; but maybe it's just because music was and is his passion and interest.  I hope we discuss this more in class! 


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