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so, i really enjoyed these readings, especialy the second one. I found Greg's story saddning, and the istory of medical lobotimies upsetting, especially the one involving an icepick. There was an idea in both reading that has aleays intrigued me: that in some ways peple's "dsorders" become a part of who they are. and sometimes it is difficult to drae the line between disorder and personality. In greg's story, the arther sais that greg's disorder had made him a different kind of person, and had given him a sort of identity or personality. Bennet didn't take haloperidol because it "reduced" him. i often hear of people nt wanting to take drugs for their mental disorders because the drugs make them feel not like themselves, and i think this is an interesting dilima, b/c their disorder, or differentness, originates in their brains, but really the differences in all of us originate in the differences in our brains, but when some differences become too extreme they stop merely being differences in personality and become disorders, but to the people who have them they may just feel lie part of their personanlity, and most people wouldn't want to take drugs that supress their personality.


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