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Both of the stories were

Both of the stories were very interesting. I was really surprised to learn about how a someone with tourettes is able to become a surgeon and that people actually trust him. I know that even if a surgeon with tourettes has been able to safely conduct surgery's, I still would not trust the surgeon. I found it interesting when the narrator noted that Bennet's ability to suppress a tic an unconscious action since he did not remember the tic. I don't understand how it would be unconscious because he should then be able to suppress most if not all of his tics when he is trying to say the word "hideous." It's possible that maybe it becomes unconscious to suppress the tic when he is performing a surgery. However wouldn't such an action then be conscious because of the fact that he could determine when to suppress his tics and when not to?

I found The Last Hippie to be a depressing story which highlights the dangers of cult religions. His final mental state could have been prevented had the parents insisted on seeing their son earlier while they could have treated the tumor earlier. Also, Greg could have seen a doctor earlier when he started to become blind. You would expect for the people that he worshiped with who admired his spiritual devotion would have visited him more often and prayed for him.


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