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The two stories present

The two stories present interesting examples of tacit knowledge and the role of the unconscious in neurological syndromes. In "The Last Hippie" his tacit knowledge was exposed through the stimulation of music. It was amazing that he could remember the words and tune to all of the Grateful Dead songs but yet could not remember what just happened to him. I've always been interested in music's power of brining our unconscious feelings and tacit knowing. Like scents, I find that music helps to jog the memory. I can remember things that happened when I was listening to a certain song when I hear the song again. Also, I find that I unconsciously learn the words to songs. I will hear them once or twice and without knowing it will be able to sing-a-long the next time I hear it. While I unconsciously remember lots of things, my surroundings, the people I meet, etc. he is only capable of remembering music. I am amazed that this is possilbe. Was that part of his brain spared by the tumor? Or did it remain in tact because it was his only true passion? Also, how did he know that his father came to visit him everyday when he couldn't remember any conversations, his father's death, and even the concert that he enjoyed so much. I felt that this was quickly glossed over in the reading and I wish he had explained it more. Greg unconsciously showed a response to his father's death but could not remeber that he was actually gone, but he consciously knew that his father came to visit often. How is this possible?

"A Surgeon's Story" showed a different side of the unconscious. This man seemed to be both controlled by his Tourrette's but also in control of it. I was wondering as I read the story, how does he control his impulses in front of people he has just met? If the actions are stemming from the unconscious and are uncontrollable how can they be diminished in certain situations? It was so amazing that he could perform surgery. I think both stories show the importance of passion for something in overcoming neurological problems. Music and Surgery, respectively cured the patients of their symptoms. 


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