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Notes from Minecraft

Complexity -- not evident to neophyte

Skilled players add complexity!

Content v process, skills

self-directed -- or what kind of display board is their interest?

How diff people use the same tool

value of hearing what people are passionate about

confident in speaking

They learn tangible things

tools but do things for themselves

games link to scholarship -- an asset

creativity -- what you can create is limitless

pedagogical community around it

large variety of skill sets -- how provide access to all

incorrect information -- worry about type of information - guiding you towards failure

Notes on small groups:

learning the tech vs. using the tech.  Where do students get the computer skills they need?

Role of computer classes in education field

changing job of teachers (both computer sci and other subjects)?

What is educational?  "Since you are on Justin" -- get points on math site

personal choice of students

personalizing their computers (not just school logo) -- ownership

Idea of not being up to date with technology . . . 

if it's not broken, don't fix it -- time to learn about it and its full functionality  . . . 

quantity vs. quality

portfolio of computer skills -- basic competencies


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