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Return of the Eternal Optimist

The more I work on my experiment, which is about how music affects us, and the more I think about tacit knowledge in general, the more I realize how amazing our bodies are. We have these wonderful things that connect us to the world called senses and they can interpret different light waves as the oranges and purples of a sunset, which can in turn spark thoughts such as "I'm so happy to be here at Bryn Mawr looking at this gorgeous sunset." These senses interpret different waves as music, which can do things to our emotions and our bodies that we don't understand but make us feel good or sad or important or part of something. Then we also have language, which lets me share this with you. (And then the internet, which lets me share this with THE WORLD!)

 In short, our bodies are in cahoots with the world not only to make our lives rich with experience but also to enable us to share ideas effectively and thereby make our lives rich with others' experiences.


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