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Summary, Part 2

On Tuesday of last week th two sections of our class convened for the first time to discuss the wonders of the unconscious. Professor Grobstein conducted most of the class and led us through the nuances of the uncounscious by equating it to vision. We, as a group, tested the ability of our unconscious minds in collaboration with our eyes and discovered fantasic ability of the unconscious to create what we may be lacking with the help of our inherent tacit knowledge.


Then, we moved onto the example of the relationship between optical illusions and the unconscious mind by calling attention to how said "illusions" are not so much illusions as they are tools that can help us understand our unconscious perceptions of things. Paul punctuated this point by saying that "What you see is NEVER what's there. It's only a reasonable interpretation from your unconscious."

 The essence of that session resided in the knowledge that the unconscious underlies all that we see and that it is yet still revisable.


Thursday brought about a long and involved discussion about language in which we strived to determine why language exists, what makes a language, how it develops, and what are the aspects of it.

What was perhaps most vital to our studies thus far was our decision that language is an "infinitely generative set of rules in the unconscious" that allows us to better interact with our environment.


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