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Been Thinking

I have decided that my research needs another round of experimentation before I can accurately state the topic of my paper. My experiment thus far has revolved around the presentation of dream imagery in the waking-life, and whether or not those metaphors would still be comprehensible. The next stage will probably test the metaphors that did particularly well against those that did poorly in some other fashion. I have been thinking of using both in an imagist poem and seeing which one is responded best to, and why. If I decide against it, I will instead be remaking my survey to approach my metaphors in a way that doesn’t just include a 50/50 choice.

I really enjoyed the Thought and Word reading. The evolution of words isn’t a new concept to me, but how it affects our speech was. I began to listen more closely to my own conversations, and heard that my roommate and I are always using “predicate conversations”.

I also thought about how I might translate this new knowledge into a study of foreign language. When I make flashcards, and go through them, I’ve been picturing objects in my head rather than just learning English translation. I’ve realized now that this has been helping me more than I thought…


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