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So, for my project i want to

So, for my project i want to look and people's doodles, b/c i think doodles are something people draw unconsciously for the most part. i plan on looking at doodles made in different classes or situations and see if they in any way reflect the subject being studied or the mood of the doodler. so if any one wants to give me any doodles, that would be cool.

about the readings. the first was difficult to read. it focused on word meanings and thought, but i think people, at least i personally, don't always think in words, which is why we sometimes find it difficult to articulate out thoughts.

one quote, "Thought is not merely expressed in words; it comes into existence through them" reminded me of something we discussed in class once. do people who speak different languages think in different ways, and are our thoughts limited by our language? i can remember my Spanish teacher always telling us to think in Spanish, and never knowing what she meant by that.

I found the second reading very interesting and convincing. i definitely think that language is an instinct. Another thing i found interesting was the discussion of BEV. i admit that i sometimes make unfair judgments about people based on their grammar, and i now see that other dialects are no less complex or correct than my own, just different.


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